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Four positive outcomes from Coronavirus for the UK Christian Church

This current lockdown situation is not ideal, the fact we currently do not meet as a church is saddening and we await the return of our face-to-face meetings, but the Lord still works. We hear references to the easing of the lockdown but not much has changed – we can now go outside with our... Continue Reading →

Who were the Anabaptists?

Account of Felix Manz execution The word Anabaptist can cause many thoughts in someone's mind, for some it’s a case of who are they? For others, the question is raised are they a group of fanatics. But as a Baptist church is it not worth us to take time to consider who they are, what... Continue Reading →

The Value of the Second London Baptist Confession

Throughout history the church has produced confessions, some to counter certain heresies, at other times to set a standard for membership or demonstrate denominational orthodoxy. Accordingly, the authors of a confession complete two major tasks while generating a confession: They set out of the systematic theology a group of churches, church or individual holds. They... Continue Reading →

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